Tillu Square Movie : Sidhu Jonnalagadda’s Telugu Film

highly anticipate Telugu film Tillu Square is set to release later this year. With an interesting premise, talented cast and crew, and visually stunning trailer, Tillu Square is shaping up to be one of the most exciting Telugu films of 2023. Here’s an in-depth look at moviezwap what viewers can expect from this comedy-drama.

Story and Premise

Tillu Square follows the story of Tillu, play by Sidhu Jonnalagadda, whose life is turn upside down when his love interest Seenu, played by Anupama Parameswaran, murders her fiancé. This shocking incident puts Tillu in a precarious position as he tries to protect Seenu while also dealing with the fallout of her crime.

According to director Mallik Ram, the unique storyline will bring a fresh perspective to the romantic comedy genre. In his words, “It’s a very twisted love story with elements of comedy, drama and even thriller. The characters face extremely difficult choices and situations that will keep audiences hooked.”

Cast and Characters

In addition to Sidhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles, Tillu Square also stars Raj Tirandasu in a pivotal role. Jonnalagadda rose to fame with the hit web series Middle Class Melodies, while Parameswaran is known for her work in films like Premam and Ninnu Kori. Their on-screen chemistry is one of the most anticipated parts of Tillu Square.

Raj Tirandasu plays Seenu’s original fiancé who meets an untimely end. The talented supporting cast includesHyper Aadi, Viva Harsha and Shakalaka Shankar who are expected to provide comic relief through the tense storyline.

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Behind the camera, Tillu Square has assembled an impressive crew led by director Mallik Ram. Ram is best known for his work as a writer on hit Telugu films like Prasthanam. Tillu Square marks his directorial debut, and his unique vision comes across strongly in the film’s trailer and promotional materials.

The film’s music is composed by Sricharan Pakala, the rising talent behind tunes like “Ra Ra Reddy Iddarini” (Fidaa). Cinematography is handled by Andrew and editing by Navin Nooli, both renowned names in Indian cinema. With this crew’s pedigree, the technical aspects of Tillu Square are sure to impress.

Visual Spectacle

Judging by the trailer and songs released so far, Tillu Square boasts visuals on par with the biggest Telugu blockbusters. Mallik Ram’s directorial style uses striking imagery to heighten the film’s tense storyline.

The trailer features several gorgeously shot scenes, from a confrontation on top of a skyscraper to emotional moments set against vivid, colorful backdrops. Fans are praising the film’s unique visual aesthetic that manages to be gritty and artistic at the same time.


No Telugu film is complete without catchy, groove-inducing songs. Tillu Square’s album features tunes covering a range of emotions – from the melancholy “Nee Prema” to the foot-tapping “Tillu Square” title track. Sricharan Pakala’s music complements the film’s unconventional story and adds appeal for music lovers.


Sidhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran display incredible acting chops in the glimpses seen in the trailer. They seem perfectly cast in their challenging lead roles. Raj Tirandasu also impresses as the shrewd fiancé.

But it’s the comic actors who steal the spotlight in the promotional videos. Hyper Aadi’s perfect comedic timing and Viva Harsha’s hilarious antics make for amusing additions to balance the serious plot. These performances are sure to keep audiences entertained.

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The X Factor

What really sets Tillu Square apart is its fresh and daring premise. Telugu cinema is fill with formulaic romantic stories, so a twist love story involving murder is something rare. Add the stellar cast and technical expertise, and Tillu Square emerges as one of 2023’s most unique Telugu film offerings.

Director Mallik Ram succinctly explains his goal: “I want to give audiences something they’ve never seen before. This isn’t your typical love story. Expect the unexpected.” The hype around the unconventional storyline and shock value suggests that Ram has succeeded in crafting something surprising yet captivating.

What to Look Forward To

Here are some of the key elements that make Tillu Square an unmissable theatrical experience for Telugu cinema fans:

  • The complicated romance between Tillu and Seenu portrayed by Sidhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran.
  • Mallik Ram’s directorial vision bringing an arthouse sensibility to commercial Telugu cinema.
  • Striking visuals from cinematographer Andrew that take full advantage of unique filming locations.
  • Sricharan Pakala’s music album ranging from melodies to high-energy dance numbers.
  • Hilarious comedy and beloved character actors like Hyper Aadi and Viva Harsha.
  • An unpredictable, original storyline involving the aftermath of a shocking murder.
  • Powerful performances from the talented lead and supporting cast.
  • Slick editing and production design contributing to a stylish overall package.

USP of Tillu Square

The biggest selling point of Tillu Square that makes it a must-watch is its completely unique and daring storyline. Telugu cinema is fill with formulaic romantic plots, so a film about a woman murdering her fiancé and the protagonist protecting her is uncharted territory.

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Add to this the talented lead pair – Sidhu Jonnalagadda and Anupama Parameswaran – who showcase complicated chemistry and acting chops in the trailer. Plus stylish visuals and music in line with the best Telugu blockbusters.

Tillu Square manages to bring an art house sensibility into the commercial mainstream thanks to Mallik Ram’s direction and a stellar crew. For moviegoers looking for something refreshing, Tillu Square is poise to deliver an unexpecte story along with stellar performances, music and visual artistry.

Early Buzz and Expectations

The promotional material and insider reports have created significant buzz for Tillu Square in the Telugu film industry. Early reviews of footage and songs are glowing, with particular praise for the lead pair’s performances.

Trade analysts predict the unique storyline will attract young moviegoers looking for something beyond the usual romantic plots. The film’s positioning as a must-watch theatrical experience has also built hype.

With its unconventional premise and technical excellence, early expectations are high for Tillu Square to be one of the most exciting Telugu releases this year. The buzz and promotional materials have viewers eager to discover the unpredictable journey of Tillu and Seenu when the film hits cinemas.


With its boundary-pushing storyline, stellar lead pair, promising crew, stunning visuals and roster of talented actors, Tillu Square has all the makings of a fantastic Telugu film. Early buzz has ignited excitement to see director Mallik Ram’s vision unfold on the big screen.

Telugu cinema fans searching for a movie that stands apart from standard romantic stories will find Tillu Square a gripping, twisting and completely unexpected journey. All signs point to this film being one of 2023’s most exciting cinematic offerings. One thing’s for sure – Tillu Square is about to bring some edge-of-your-seat entertainment and leave viewers talking long after the credits roll.

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