Boyapati Rapo Movie

Telugu film industry is buzzing with excitement about the movie Boyapati Rapo. Directed by the talented Boyapati Srinu, this action-packed entertainer promises to be a visual spectacle. With a stellar cast, chartbuster music by S.Thaman, and Boyapati’s signature style of storytelling, Boyapati Rapo is one of the most highly anticipate Telugu movies of 2023. Moviezwap is most instersting Movie Review site.

An Ensemble Cast Led by Ram Pothineni and Sreeleela

Boyapati Rapo brings together an exciting mix of established stars and promising young talent. Leading the cast are Ram Pothineni and Sreeleela in the main roles. Pothineni is a hugely popular star known for his energetic screen presence and dancing skills. On the other hand, Sreeleela is a rising actress who has made her mark in films like Pelli SandaD. Their fresh on-screen pairing is already generating immense buzz amongst fans.

In pivotal roles are veteran actors Prakash Raj and Jayaprakash Reddy. Their powerful performances are expecte to add great depth to the story. Prince Cecil, known for playing gray-shaded characters, has an important role as the antagonist.

Here is the cast lineup for Boyapati Rapo:

Ram PothineniProtagonist
SreeleelaFemale Lead
Prakash RajSupporting Role
Jayaprakash ReddySupporting Role
Prince CecilAntagonist

With such an impressive star cast, Boyapati Rapo promises to be a complete entertainment package for the audiences.

Boyapati Srinu Weaves His Magic Once Again

Leading this dream team is director Boyapati Srinu, who has delivered several blockbuster Telugu films over the past two decades. Right from his debut Nuvvu Naaku Nachav in 2001, Boyapati has crafted many commercial entertainers featuring uncompromising action, family drama, romance and comedy.

Some of his smash hits include Bhadra, Tulasi, Simha, Legend, and Sarrainodu. Boyapati is excellent at blending mass appeal with a strong emotional core in his stories. His last release Akhanda starring Nandamuri Balakrishna was a massive success across the Telugu states.

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For Boyapati Rapo, the director has teamed up once again with producer Srinivasaa Chitturi after delivering the sensational hits Sarrainodu and Rangasthalam. Their collaboration has always resulted in great cinema, and the hype is sky-high for Boyapati Rapo. With his Midas touch, Boyapati Srinu can be trust fully to deliver a wholesome entertainer.

S. Thaman’s Chartbuster Album

One of the biggest highlights of Boyapati Rapo is its music compose by S. Thaman. Over the last few years, Thaman has emerged as the number one music director in Telugu cinema. He is renown for his catchy tunes and foot-tapping beats that enhance the film’s energy.

Thaman has provided some of his best work in Boyapati’s previous movies like Simha and Sarrainodu. Their combo has always been a sure-shot success. For Boyapati Rapo, Thaman has crafted an album full of mass songs, melodies, and thematic background score that perfectly complement the story.

The peppy first single “Dimaak Kharaab” sung by Anurag Kulkarni has become a viral sensation already. Other popular tracks are “Adhento Gaani Vunnadhi” and “Trendu Maarina”. Thaman’s music infuses tremendous life into Boyapati Rapo.

Grand Visual Spectacle

As we’ve come to expect from Boyapati Srinu’s films, Boyapati Rapo promises to be a visual spectacle with lavish production values. From high-octane action sequences to exotic foreign locales, the film will be mounted on a grand scale.

Cinematographer Santosh SDetake who earlier worked on Akhanda will capture the visuals in stunning fashion. The teaser gives us a glimpse into the grand action blocks choreographed brilliantly. Boyapati has envisioned elaborate sets and seamless VFX to enhance the viewing experience.

Producers Srinivasaa Chitturi and Zee Studios have gone all out to ensure the technical brilliance of Boyapati Rapo matches its story and stars. The production quality looks slick and stylish. It will be a treat to watch the film’s visual grandeur on the big screen.

September 15th Release Date Confirmed

The wait is finally over for audiences as Boyapati Rapo has locked its theatrical release date for September 15th, 2023. This Dussehra holiday period is perfect for such a mass entertainer to dominate the box office.

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With no major clashes, Boyapati Rapo can reign supreme across theatres in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There is also a lot of demand for the film to be release in Hindi and other South Indian languages like Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Boyapati Rapo faces no hurdles in becoming one of the biggest hits of 2023. Everyone in the trade believes the film will create Dussehra festive season records worldwide.

High Pre-Release Buzz Across Media

In the weeks leading up to its release, Boyapati Rapo has been promoting aggressively through various marketing channels. The teaser and songs have increased anticipation levels tremendously.

Ram Pothineni and Sreeleela are leaving no stone unturned in the film’s promotions. They interacted with fans and shared their excitement about Boyapati Rapo during the pre-release events.

Across TV, print, radio, outdoor publicity and especially social media, Boyapati Rapo’s buzz has been extraordinary. The promotions have promised a wholesome theatrical experience to audiences.

Several media outlets and influencers have already declared that Boyapati Rapo will be a sure-shot blockbuster. The positive pre-release perception indicates the film is headed towards success.

Boyapati’s Mark of Great Cinema

After analyzing all the factors, one thing is guarante about Boyapati Rapo – it will have the director’s mark of great cinema. Here are some of the aspects that make Boyapati Srinu’s films stand out:

  • Gripping screenplay with mass appeal
  • Blend of all commercial elements
  • Powerful dialogues and performances
  • thalavistic treatment and grand visuals
  • Foot-tapping music by S.Thaman
  • Slick action and stunt choreography
  • Emotional family drama

Boyapati’s films are full-on masala entertainers appreciate by every kind of audience – classes and masses. He knows the pulse of mainstream cinema. Boyapati Rapo will deliver all the aspects we love most about his movies.

Plenty of Reasons for High Anticipation

With so many extraordinary elements involved, there are ample reasons for sky-high anticipation towards Boyapati Rapo:

  • Boyapati and Ram Pothineni collaborating for the first time
  • Sreeleela in her first mass heroine avatar
  • Story and screenplay by M Ratnam
  • Prakash Raj and Jayaprakash’s powerful roles
  • S Thaman’s chartbuster album
  • High-octane action scenes and visual grandeur
  • Boyapati’s brand of storytelling

Everything about Boyapati Rapo screams blockbuster. It is guaranteed to be an unforgettable cinematic experience on the big screen.

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Box Office Prospects Look Strong for Boyapati Rapo

Given the tremendous pre-release buzz and hype surrounding Boyapati Rapo, the film’s box office prospects look very strong. Here is an analysis of what we can expect:

  • The combination of director Boyapati Srinu and star Ram Pothineni will attract mass crowds. Their collaboration is a big USP.
  • Sreeleela has gained popularity across the youth audience. Her glamourous avatar adds to the appeal.
  • Boyapati Rapo faces no major competition during its release period. A solo release will help it dominate.
  • Advance bookings are said to be phenomenal already. The opening day will easily cross ₹20 crores share in Telugu states.
  • With Dussehra holidays, the first weekend has the potential to go beyond ₹100+ crores easily.
  • The movie can enjoy a long run if the content hits the mark as expected. ₹200+ crores lifetime share looks achievable.
  • Even satellite, OTT and other rights have been sold for astronomical prices.

If it lives up to the hype, Boyapati Rapo is headed to be among the biggest hits of 2023 in Tollywood. It will deliver a massive blockbuster for all stakeholders.

Boyapati Rapo is the Movie to Look Forward to in 2023

2022 was an average year overall for the Telugu film industry. There is great hope that 2023 will bring back the big blockbusters to reignite the box office. In that regard, Boyapati Rapo emerges as the most promising Telugu movie to look forward to next year.

With Boyapati Srinu’s excellent track record and the film’s strengths, Boyapati Rapo has all the right ingredients for success. It can ignite the film-going spirit amongst the Telugu audiences again.

If the content does justice to the pre-release excitement, Boyapati Rapo will be the first blockbuster hit of 2023. It has the potential to break opening day and first weekend records for Tollywood.

Telugu cinema can bounce back in a big way next Sankranthi and summer, starting with the Dussehra release of Boyapati Rapo. This highly anticipated movie is surely going to captivate audiences with an entertaining theatrical experience.


On the whole, Boyapati Rapo emerges as one of the most awaited movies in Tollywood right now. With Boyapati Srinu bringing together all the right elements – popular stars, foot-tapping music, powerful story and visual grandeur, this film promises to be a mass entertainer.

If it lives up to the sky-high expectations, Boyapati Rapo is undoubtedly headed to be among the biggest hits of 2023. We will get confirmation when it hits the screens on September 15th for Dussehra. But all signs indicate it is going to be a smashing box office success across the Telugu states. Just a few more months wait for Boyapati Rapo!

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