Skanda – The Attacker: An Action-Packed Entertainer

Skanda is an upcoming Telugu action drama film starring Ram Pothineni and Sreeleela in lead roles. Slated for release on September 28, 2023, the movie is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Boyapati Srinu. With high-octane action sequences and powerful performances, Skanda promises to be a mass entertainer. if you are telugu movie lover then moviezwap is best site for you.

Overview of Skanda


The story follows Skanda, a hot-headed young man with formidable fighting skills and a strong sense of justice. After his family is wronged by malicious forces, he sets out seeking revenge against the perpetrators.

The gripping narrative portrays how he uses his combat abilities to exact vengeance by systematically attacking and defeating the criminals involved. Packed with adrenaline-pumping action scenes, the movie charts his journey from being a lone fighter to becoming a symbol of hope against oppression.

Cast and Crew

Ram Pothineni plays the fierce and intense titular role of Skanda effortlessly. Talented actress Sreeleela essays the female lead role opposite him. Other supporting cast members include Prince Cecil, Saiee Manjrekar, Omkar Kapoor and others.

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Boyapati Srinu’s masterful direction brings the raw and gritty action story alive. Here is a summary:

Movie Details
NameSkanda – The Attacker
Release DateSeptember 28, 2023
DirectorBoyapati Srinu
CastRam Pothineni, Sreeleela

Music and Visuals

Renowned music director S. Thaman provides a powerful and adrenaline-fueled background score to amplify the high-voltage drama. Visually, the frames capture the raw energy and machismo through clever camerawork in action sequences. The production design brings an authentic tone to the gritty plot.

What Makes Skanda – The Attacker Stand Out

There are several elements that make this movie unique:

Ram Pothineni’s Magnetic Persona

Ram’s mass popularity and dynamic screen presence uplifts the fierce character of Skanda wonderfully. His performance is a big highlight.

Large-Scale Action Sequences

The movie features expansive action blocks choreographed by specialists. The grand action scenes enhance the viewing experience.

Boyapati Srinu’s Imprint

The director’s grasp over narrating gripping stories with power-packed action makes his stamp clearly evident.

Pan-India Release

As a multilingual film, Skanda will release nationwide in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. This expands its reach.

Why Audiences are Excited for Skanda

Some reasons why Skanda has generated pre-release buzz are:

Mass Action Avatar of Ram

Fans are eager to see Ram portraying a high-voltage mass action role which is tailor-made for his persona.

Ram-Sreeleela Fresh Jodi

The lead pair’s chemistry in promotions has increased interest levels in their on-screen bonding.

Chartbuster Album

The songs composed by maestro S. Thaman have already become huge hits. This has spiked expectations.

Boyapati’s Track Record

Boyapati’s reputation for helming box office blockbusters adds to the reliability quotient.

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What Makes Skanda a Special Movie

Some factors that make this film unique and special:

Raw Action without Cinematic Liberty

The realistic action stays true to physics rather than cinematic liberty for added authenticity.

Shows Nuanced Emotions

Beyond the power-packed exterior, the narrative depicts Skanda’s range of emotions adding depth.

Social commentary on oppression

The theme of fighting oppression provides subtle social commentary beyond commercial entertainment.

Major Production Values

From the set designs to costumes, grand production values enhance the viewing experience.

Additional Interesting Details

Some fascinating trivia about the making of Skanda:

  • Ram Pothineni went through a tough fitness and combat training routine for the action sequences.
  • Several stuntmen were appointed to choreograph the risky action blocks safely.
  • Shooting spanned across Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and exotic foreign locales.
  • The high-budget film has been produced by Srinivasaa Silver Screens and Zee Studios.
  • Omkar Kapoor plays the menacing antagonist against Ram Pothineni in this project.


With its gripping story, excellently choreographed stunts, chartbuster music and Ram Pothineni’s star power, Skanda has all the makings of a potential blockbuster. The movie is set to provide an adrenaline rush to the masses once it hits the screens. For those seeking a mass action entertainer packed with power punches and strong performances, Skanda is undoubtedly a film to look forward to this September.

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