Kushi Movie- An Enchanting Love Story for the Ages

Kushi is an upcoming Telugu romantic drama starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Vijay Deverakonda in the lead roles. Directed by Shiva Nirvana, this film promises to be an enchanting love story between two contrasting personalities. With its fresh approach, picturesque visuals, melodious music and electrifying chemistry between the lead pair, Kushi is poised to strike a chord with romantic movie buffs. moviezwap is first upcoming Tamil romantic comedy film review site.

Movie NameKushi
Release Date1 September 2023
CastVijay Deverakonda, Samantha Ruth Prabhu
Movie CategoryRomantic Drama
WriterShiva Nirvana, Rajendra Kumar
ProducerMythri Movie Makers
DirectorShiva Nirvana

An Unconventional Love Story

Kushi features Samantha as a traditional Tamil girl deeply devoted to her religion, while Vijay plays an atheist Telugu boy with a carefree attitude. Despite their clashing worldviews, the two fall head over heels in love with each other. But their romance faces challenges from Samantha’s authoritarian father who staunchly opposes the relationship. The plot explores this unlikely love-hate relationship between the lead couple.

Director Shiva Nirvana, who has helmed entertaining family dramas in the past, seems keen to deliver a wholesome love story here tinged with lively humor. From their initial misunderstandings to relating despite differences to fighting for their love, Kushi traces an unconventional romance that contends with external obstacles.

Lead Pair to Watch Out For

Kushi boasts of a fresh lead pair portrayed by:

  • Samantha as Khatija: After impressing in an action avatar in Yashoda, Samantha switches gears to play the traditional Tamil girl Khatija. Her grace and restraint as the God-fearing character offers contrast.
  • Vijay Deverakonda as Siddhu: In his first teaming up with Samantha, Vijay essays the role of the happy-go-lucky Telugu atheist Siddhu. His energetic performance promises to impress.
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Seeing this popular duo romance on screen for the first time will surely be a highlight. Their contrasting traits also allow both Samantha and Vijay to showcase their acting abilities.

Supporting Cast Adds Flavor

The supporting cast of Kushi also includes seasoned performers:

  • Jayaram as Khatija’s father
  • Sachin Khedekar as Siddhu’s father
  • Murali Sharma
  • Rohini
  • Vennela Kishore

Such experienced actors taking up key roles indicates strong characterizations that will add weight and humor to the plot. Their interactions with the leads will provide further entertainment.

Shot Picturesquely Amid Stunning Locales

From the released posters and trailer, Kushi appears to be a visually delightful affair shot across some amazing locations. Be it lively hill stations, beautiful temples and churches or the lead pair’s cute moments along pristine beaches, the cinematography by S Manikandan infuses color and charm.

The film promises to treat viewers to the picturesque landscapes of Kerala and other parts of South India through its backdrop. For those who relish glossy visual spectacles, Kushi is surely one movie to look forward to.

Soulful Musical Album

The audio of Kushi composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab creates perfect vibes for a romantic drama. The mellifluous tracks include fun beats, soothing melodies and impressive vocals by Sid Sriram, Yazin Nizar and Sakhi Semitha. Chartbuster songs like “Oh My Kadavule” already became a rage much before the film’s release.

Wahab’s excellent music direction will complement the story beautifully while being a major highlight on its own. Overall, Kushi offers a soul-stirring musical experience.

Releasing on 1 September 2023

After months of eager anticipation among fans, Kushi is gearing up for its theatrical release on 1 September 2023. It will release during the Christmas weekend in Telugu and Tamil languages.

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Being one of the last major box office attractions of 2023, Kushi hopes for a long run at the ticket windows. The initial bookings for the opening weekend indicate terrific response, especially in the Telugu states.

Creating Positive Buzz

Ever since the official announcement in July 2021, Kushi has generated sustained positive buzz for its lead cast’s fresh pairing and promising premise. The engaging teaser in April 2022 escalated hype further.

Samantha and Vijay promoting the film extensively over media interactions, events and social media has kept audiences hooked. Their sizzling on-screen chemistry caught everyone’s attention. The film’s publicity blitz across television, print and online media has also sparked more curiosity.

Why Kushi Stands Out

Here are some striking aspects that make Kushi worth looking forward to:

  • Crackling chemistry between popular lead actors Samantha and Vijay
  • Signature storytelling style of director Shiva Nirvana known for feel-good family dramas
  • Picturesque cinematography by S Manikandan across beautiful South Indian locales
  • Foot-tapping music album by Hesham Abdul Wahab
  • Interesting premise exploring inter-faith relationships and conflicts
  • Supporting cast filled with talented veteran actors like Jayaram
  • Mass appeal with balanced doses of romance, humor, emotions and conflicts

Highlights Audiences Can Expect

Here are some of the highlights and key things cinemagoers can expect from Kushi:

  • Vijay and Samantha’s contrasting mannerisms and comic misunderstandings leading to amusing moments
  • Scenic visuals of hill stations, beaches, churches and countryside
  • Emotional family drama around the lead couple’s inter-religious romance
  • Lighthearted comedy track involving Vennela Kishore
  • Showcasing of Tamil and Telugu cultural milieus
  • Tender romantic sequences between the leads
  • Groovy music album with several hummable songs
  • Thoughtful dialogue on secularism and tolerance
  • Climatic moments around the lead pair fighting opposition to their love
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Why Kushi has a Unique Appeal

Some key aspects that make Kushi stand apart from regular love stories:

  • Fresh lead pair: Vijay-Samantha’s first time pairing has grabbed eyeballs
  • Storyline: Interfaith romance angle makes the plot intriguing and unconventional
  • Backdrop: Vibrant South Indian settings add charm
  • Music: Melodious album by Hesham Abdul Wahab enhances emotions
  • Tonality: Director Shiva Nirvana’s trademark feel-good sensibilities
  • Social relevance: Touches upon religious divides and promotes tolerance
  • Visual splendor: Enticing cinematography and picturesque locales
  • Supporting talent: Veterans like Jayaram and Sachin Khedekar lend weight

Additional Details

  • Kushi is produced by Mythri Movie Makers and features editing by Prawin Pudi.
  • The title ‘Kushi’ refers to happiness and joy which is the film’s underlying emotion.
  • Vijay underwent singing lessons to croon a song while Samantha learnt Tamil.
  • Director Shiva Nirvana collaborated with writer Rajendra Kumar to pen the story, screenplay and dialogues.
  • The film marks Vijay and Samantha’s first on-screen appearance after their breakup, adding to its buzz.
  • Kushi is certified U/A by the censor board with a run-time of 155 minutes.

Kushi Box Office Prospects

With positive pre-release buzz and promotional overdrive, Kushi is likely to take the box office by storm, especially in the Telugu states. Here are some key factors favoring its commercial success:

  • Samantha and Vijay’s stardom attracting their loyal fan bases
  • Extended Christmas-New Year holiday period aiding film’s prospects
  • Heartwarming plot having appeal for family audiences
  • Chartbuster music increasing footfalls
  • Producer Mythri Movie Makers’ track record of hits
  • Good word-of-mouth boosting repeat audiences
  • Limited competition from Bollywood movies

Kushi is expected to earn around Rs. 30-35 crore gross on its opening weekend in Andhra and Telangana circuits. With no big clashes, it is also likely to have a long run. Given the pre-release euphoria, the movie seems on track to end up as a superhit.


On the whole, Kushi promises to be a complete entertainment package for romantic movie lovers. With its fresh lead pair, vibrant settings, lively humor and soulful music, the film is sure to strike the right chords. Shiva Nirvana seems to have whipped up an engrossing love story boosted by Samantha and Vijay’s presence. For those seeking out wholesome cinema, Kushi is likely to emerge as the perfect choice this holiday season.

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